Looking To Reset? This Destination Spa Might Be Just The Thing

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The Lodge at Woodloch
The Lodge at Woodloch, a luxury destination spa, is located on over 500 wooded acres in the Poconos in northeast Pennsylvania. It’s a two- to three-hour drive from New York and Philadelphia and welcomes adults who are looking to reset, relax and rejuvenate.

The focus of The Lodge is a philosophy of personal awakening. With stress and anxiety at an all-time high in our society, The Lodge focuses on programs, activities, meals, and spa treatments to get travelers to unwind, refocus, and get centered. Health and wellness classes, fitness training and outdoor recreation (guided hikes, mountain biking, fly-fishing, bird-watching, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, tennis, and golf), cooking demonstrations and art classes are all a part of the stay.

Here, three ways travelers can reset and find their inner calm.

The tea ceremony on forest bathing walk.

Photo Credit: Amos Clifford Forest to Table
It used to be all about “farm to table”—the idea that resorts are using local products and ingredients in their meals, but now it’s morphed into “forest to table”—how foraging for their own food is becoming a new travel experience. At The Lodge, travelers can partake in a cooking demonstration with executive chef Josh Tomson to learn about mushrooms and wild ramps foraged that day in the forest. The “Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk” with the resort’s on-staff herbalist will teach travelers how to properly identify, harvest, and prepare these plants. Spending the morning with the resident naturalist will show travelers how to be more mindful in both nature and in their everyday habits.

The Snow Room at The Lodge at Woodloch

The Lodge at Woodloch Snow Room
Coming soon is the snow room and new co-ed sauna. With its fusion of dry snow and cold air, the snow room—in conjunction with the sauna—is said to help with detox, pain relief, and stress-reduction and will aid in strengthening the immune system.

“We love the natural wellness benefits that come with the snow room and that it emulates our seasons and natural habitat,” explains Robert Baldassari, general manager.. “Anything that brings our guests closer to nature and provides natural healing is something that we can get behind.”

Crystal bowls and other types of sound therapy is a rising trend at spa resorts.

The Lodge at Woodloch Vibrational Sound Therapy
Mindfulness and sound therapy have been a rising trend and the offerings at The Lodge at Woodloch are constantly growing. The demand for the classes went from one class offering per week to more than seven—clearly there’s a need among travelers to find inner calm and tranquility. This ancient practice has its roots in cultures from around the world, including nomadic shamans, Tibetan, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, African, and Jewish history. Mantras, chanting, healing sound bowls, and musical instruments have been a part of positive experiences, heightened consciousness, healing, and relaxation since ancient times.

The classes like Gong With the Wind and Blissed Out provide a deeply relaxing experience that helps release tension, calm the nervous system, and help travelers find inner peace. The classes differ slightly, but the goal is all the same: to get into a meditative state (often lying down or doing restorative yoga) while a gong or singing bowls are played. The sound creates an ocean of vibrations.

Relaxation in a Pandemic
The Lodge at Woodloch follows all government Covid mandates and the New Age of Precaution is updated to reflect all changes. Currently the destination spa is in the green phase, which means you can book massages and enjoy the spa, but facials aren’t currently offered.

The 58 guest rooms and suites gives the property an intimate vibe and yet there is plenty of program offerings like forest bathing and the only naturally-occurring cranberry bog at a destination spa. The property is also known for their culinary options. The TREE Restaurant and Bar is so named because it’s elevated among the tree tops with amazing views of nature. The menu is naturally-raised meats, fish, and organic, locally grown vegetables. The floor to ceiling windows and soaring beams allow the great outdoors to create the environment throughout the seasons. All overnight packages include three meals daily.

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