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Private Video Lounge

As a member, you have Full Access to Video 

Your First Video Choice is your Club Lounge. You can always check it out, and see whats going on in the main club room. 

Send the link on the “BIG BLUE invite more people” in the main Video Window button to anyone in the world via Whatsapp, email, text, telepathy, or via Club Chat. The room can be used for you to use to meet up with up to 10 people at the same time. Just like Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime, but private to you.

You can also check out the Club member directory for anyone that is “video chat” friendly. Remember, they must use your link to join your room

Check out Groups below to Join, and see when they are meeting up. Most groups have their own Video Lounge, and you can break out to your own

Our Marketplace has lots of services to deliver via video. Cams, consultations, etc. Check the marketplace out and book a call. 

You Can even put up your own service in the marketplace (even for free) to take bookings for time to chat. 

We frequently send out notices about Club events, and Virtual Parties. Check out the party invitations and click on the link.

The Club uses its own private secure video infrastructure that is inhouse and not via a third party service. This means you can rest assured your calls are private to you. 

We use full encryption end to end for all of our sessions. 

Groups to Consider Joining (for Video)

Video Lounge

Upcoming Video Events

Video Lounge

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