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Marketplace FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Start Trading Today, Your own services, products, and Channels

You can sell products and services that you deliver yourself, make yourself, or have bought from others and are selling onwards.

Examples include:

Services – Spa sessions, therapies, massages, advice sessions. Even plumbing, and physical services.

Bookings– Anything with a time. Like a House rental, room rental, band gig or show.

Virtual Services– Cam sessions, pay to view performances, consultations, etc. These can be delivered for free by the Club’s secure video platform

Goods– Arts, Crafts, Products, stuff you’ve made or others have. 

No good or service that is illegal or subject to government restriction may be sold on our platform. For example weapons, prostitution, etc. We reserve the right to de-list and cancel accounts for any non-compliance

When you customer completes their checkout, we take a payment from them by credit card. We accept most credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), like other major marketplaces (Ebay, Amazon, etc)

In Your Store dashboard you can request a payment withdrawal anytime from us. We EFT money straight into your bank account. It usually takes 3-5 days for money that’s been debited from a Credit card to reach our account. As soon as it has, its available to you right away.

Our Payment platform in Europe is Stripe which is a very secure, and compliant payment solution, and we accept almost all credit cards from your customers. 

Your shop will be available at

The marketplace includes a logistics platform that does allow you to handle shipping of physical products. 

Your store is fully available online to the whole world. You can pay Google, FaceBook, Bing, etc to bring them to your store and advertise. This is great for all of us. 

We do however ask vendors to refrain from posting advertising links in club main communities or chats. This is to keep our communities focused on their interests.

Video Delivery, Bookings, Products, Virtual Content. Sorted

Our monthly merchant service is free to Gold and Silver Elemental Members

We charge a commission of 10% of sales (6% for pro members) on the platform to cover payment gateway charges and refund risks, hosting, affiliate commissions, marketing, payments administration and other costs of bringing customers to you. This is less than other related platform providers, and is being reviewed constantly.

Yes! Elemental gives all of its members a private and secure video room where you can deliver your scheduled services to anyone (they don’t need an account to join your call)

Your video sessions are encrypted, private, and under your control. 

From your Shop dashboard you can control many elements of your store. We allow you significant freedom to customise many elements of your store in the marketplace. 

Your headers, pictures, banners, product pictures, descriptions, pricing etc are up to you. We also give you a full calendar for bookings, and let you control your resources (for example rooms, therapists etc) giving you complete user friendly access to your own virtual store. 

Just about everything can be done online, and doesn’t require any manual intervention from us or you. 

Unlike most platforms, our marketplace allows you to manage your own bookings, times, rooms, and resources online at no extra charge.

You can easily use it to book any type of service from your house for the weekend to a spa treatment. Customers on the front end, can see your times available and book and pay direct.

How do I Sign Up?

Step 1- Get a Silver or Gold Club Membership

Step 2- Activate your account

Step 3- Store Setup Wizard (10 mins)

Now Share your Store with Everyone

Store Management

you can deliver content through video, face to face, and shipment/courier

Your store is live 24/7 When a customer buys, you get notified immediately- you fulfil the order, and request a payout whenever you want

Your store has its own press office, followers, chat service, lead and enquiry mananagement and self service. All free

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